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Audioworks Producers Group is your one-stop facility for writing, direction, dubbing, song adaptation, sound design, and mixing services in New York City.  We can take your project from first script through final output, efficiently and cost-effectively.  Our strong central team, in combination with a network of talented translators, writers, voice over artists, and designers, produces high-quality work in 16 languages.

Launched in 1996 by award-winning music producer, Kip Kaplan, Audioworks Producers Group specializes in post-production services for film and television.  We have provided translation, writing, dubbing and mixing services for international cartoons, audiobooks, television productions, films, audio tours, documentaries, and news broadcasts, as well as adapting and producing the theme songs for a variety of projects.  The programs shown on our homepage are just a fraction of the projects we have produced over the course of the last 20 plus years.  Take a look at what Audioworks has to offer you, and your company.  At Audioworks Producers Group, we have a "Go!" mentality.  We are ready for anything, and dedicate ourselves fully to any project we take on. 



About Audioworks 

We are more than a sound company.  We are a relationship company.

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