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Audio Tour Services

Audioworks has been developing single and multilingual tour commentary for tour operators around the globe for over 20 years.

Deliver engaging, memorable and consistent passenger experiences

Whether delivering your experience on a bus, boat, train, tram, trolleys or walking tours in museums or historical sites, Audioworks can dramatically enhance the calibre of their experience on every tour, every time. 

The calibre and consistency of your tour is essential in creating memorable and repeatable tour experiences for your guests. Engaging story telling will help set you apart from dull and dated competitive experiences.


Secure domestic and international visitors with superior (single and/or multilingual) storytelling commentary

Whether providing tour narration over a public address system or a personal listening device, delivering optional multiple languages simultaneously will dramatically improve your audio tour appeal and brand for both domestic and international markets.  

Maximizing occupancy on every tour departure regardless of language (in multilingual applications) will significantly reduce operational costs and maximize revenue.


Deliver your brand promise on every tour, every day with experiences designed to meet all operations demands and budgets while exceeding passenger expectation

Audio sample below demonstrate different calibre of content production, including simple spoken word productions versus fully enhanced with music and sound effects for your review.

Designed to meet your operational demands and every budget  while exceeding passenger experiences 


Audio Samples

Here is a taste from the hundreds of tour experiences developed for coach, tram, trolley, train, tour boats and walking tours (historical sites/museums)  from across the globe. 

Below please sample a comparative audio of Spoken word versus fully enhanced to help identify your specific requirements for your experience

Spoken Word Sample

Fully Enhanced Sample

Please take a moment and contact us directly to discuss the options available to significantly enhance your tour experience for a free no obligation quote. Thank you!

Contact Doug Humphreys at (416) 706-0367

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