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Our Clients

Over the course of over twenty years in business, we have had the honor of working with a range of excellent companies from around the world.  

Here are just a few of them with whom we have formed productive partnerships and the projects we have seen through to completion.


Click on Work to see samples. 


Production Companies

Picasso Films
Choice Films
​Cyber Group Studios
Baboon Animation
St. John University

Framework Productions

Blonde + Co

R20 Productions

Adorama TV

Biello Martin Studio

Idea Rocket

JayWalk Productions

Samba Filmworks

Open Media Alliance
Multicom Entertainment Group
DQ Entertainment
Mondo TV
Cartoon One
44 Toons
TV Pinguim
Gama Movie Animation
Rai Fiction
US Manga Corporation
Defiance Distribution
Central Park Media
Voom Network
Blue Boat Company
Ananda Media
K.C. Sales
MBS Productions
Spike TV
Character Plan
Daiei Studios
Asian Pulp Cinema
PinkPineapple - KSS Media Entertainment K.K.
West Cape
Vídeo Brinquedo (Toyland Video)



"Newbie and the Disasternauts"
"Angel's Friends"
"Spike Team"
Teen Days"
"Bondi Band"
"Playtime Buddies"
"Jurassic Cubs"
"Letters from Felix
"Shadow Star Narutaru"
The "World Heritage" Series
"Great Africa"
"Light & The Sufferer"
"The Little Magician"
"Letters from Felix"
"9 Tails Fox"
"Colin, The Invincible"
"Birds & Bees"

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